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The Johnny Pye is a warm and busy, local community pub with a strong wet trade in the Village of Heswall. Situated opposite the bus station with shops just a minute away meaning plenty of footfall passing by! Its current trade is around 80% wet led with opportunity to expand the dry trade. Currently trading at around £15k weekly, this lively pub would suit any pub operator whose strengths lie in building a strong rapport with locals.

  • Private Accommodation - 3 Bed
  • Car Park
  • Beer Garden
  • Live Sports
  • Estimated Weekly Sales 
  • £15000
  • Sales Mix
  • 80/20 wet
  • Retailer % Earnings
  • 22%                  
  • Legal Fees
  • £360
  • Working Capital 
  • Security Deposit
  • £5000
  • Total in-going Costs
  • £5360
The Opportunity
auctioAbout the agreement:

Our retail agreement is ideal for someone looking to run their own pub business for a small in-going fee. Income is based on a percentage of the pub’s weekly sales, so the more you grow the business, the more you can earn.
  • Self-employed opportunity
  • Five year, rent free agreement
  • Take home between 20% to 25% of the total weekly turnover
  • All wet and food stock is supplied and paid for by Marston's
  • Marston's pay for the utility bills (excluding council tax), repairs and provide fixtures and fittings
  • Induction training is provided together with additional on-going training

What we ask from you....

  • Hiring and employing your own staff
  • Payment of Council Tax on the private residential accommodation above the pub and any insurance costs (excluding building insurance)
  • Providing you security deposit and legal fees (including VAT)
  • Obtain independent professional advice from a qualified accountant and a qualified solicitor
  • Holding a Personal License
  • Completing Marston's Induction Training
Who are we looking for?
Johnny Pye
We are looking for someone with enthusiasm for pubs and hospitality, whether you come from a background in pub management or you are looking to get started in the industry. We can offer full support to make your dream of owning a pub become reality! 
Did you know?

Marston’s has a wide range of opportunities for a wide range of people, but one thing’s for sure, our passion for pubs is at the heart of all we do. We’ve got 183 years of experience in brewing beer and running a range of successful pubs throughout the UK, so you could say we’ve got a pretty good track record!