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Calling Pub Operators in Cambridgeshire! Marston's have a fantastic opportunity to run the Brook & Barter in St Neots, whether you are an experienced Pub Retailer, General Manager, Assistant Manager or just looking for a career change, our Retail Agreements make it easy to run your own business with the support and guidance of an Area Manager. 

The Brook & Barter is a vibrant High Street business located in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, and benefits from a pavement license as well as a 3am weekend license.  There is a mix of customers from daytime savers to high energy weekenders as this is the late night bar of St Neots.  The business has recently benefited from an enhancement to the frontage and external drinking area.

The Opportunity
About the agreement:

Our retail agreement is ideal for someone looking to run their own pub business for a small ingoing fee. Income is based on a percentage of the pub’s weekly sales, so the more you grow the business, the more you can earn.
  • Self-employed opportunity
  • Five year, rent free agreement
  • Take home between 20% to 25% of the total weekly turnover
  • Fully tied to Marston’s for all beers, wines, spirits and minerals however, all wet and food stock is supplied and paid for by Marston's
  • Marston's pay for the utility bills (excluding council tax), repairs and provide fixtures and fittings
  • Induction training is provided together with additional on-going training, a support package and a dedicated area operations manager to help you develop your business

Retail Partners are responsible for:

  • Employing all staff, and responsible for staff costs and employments matters
  • Council Tax on private residential accommodation and all insurance costs (excluding building insurance)
  • £5,000 security deposit + £360 legal fees apply (including VAT)
  • Obtaining proof of independent professional advice from a qualified accountant and a qualified solicitor at their own cost before entering into a full agreement
  • Obtaining a Personal License
  • Completing Pre-Entry Awareness Training (Optional)
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for an experienced late night town centre operator that will also drive the daytime food elements and re connect with the local community.
Did you know?

Marston’s has a wide range of opportunities for a wide range of people, but one thing’s for sure, our passion for pubs is at the heart of all we do. We’ve got 183 years of experience in brewing beer and running a range of successful pubs throughout the UK, so you could say we’ve got a pretty good track record!